A Bit of an Update


I’ve just come back to work today after a week off. I took the time off to go to a festival but we didn’t end up going this year due to monetary issues (!) so I thought I’d have loads of time to craft, get some more stock in the shop and do a lot of online stuff. I was wrong! 

I can now reveal the reason is that I have a new job! I had my first interview for this job a couple of weeks ago, the morning of the crafty catch up club, hence why I was so sleepy! Then last Friday I had to go for a second interview because it was between me and another person and they let me know I had the job last thing on Friday. Only got my confirmation letter yesterday and have handed in my notice at work so it’s a bit of a stressful time but I’m excited! I will let you know more about it when I start, I just feel like I am going to jinx it if I talk about it too much.

It doesn’t leave me with any more time for crafting but I will continue doing this in my spare time I promise!

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Happy Spending: Filing Trays!

I found these amazing trays for my desk area in T K Maxx. They match some drawers I have, and I do need to keep things organised! I can throw all my receipts in here until I have time to sit down and write out my expenses and filing. Boring!




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Crafty Catch Up Club

Thursday evening I met with a great bunch of people at the Crafty Catch Up Club, organised by @ladybirdlikes (and if you want to get involved look her up on instagram or facebook). It was downstairs at the Hawkhurst Vault tea shop in Brick Lane.

I didn’t stay too long because I’d had a long day and was feeling really sleepy! It was nice to meet some other crafty types and hear about what they do, and I’m looking forward to next time!!

Zoe (aka Ladybird Likes) really sweetly made everyone a goody bag, and @creightonschocolaterie bought a chocolate lucky cat for everyone too!

IMG_0426IMG_0431 IMG_0433

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Make It Yourself- Fabric Covered Noticeboard

Welcome! To the first of my new series of blog posts called #MIY- Make It Yourself!

Ideas on how to customise or up-cycle simple things into something a bit more special while at the same time looking after the pennies!

A couple of weeks ago I turned our garden summer house into a craft work shop. I did this without spending any extra money, just moving my craft things out there, and using old furniture from around my house. My first #MIY was featured in that post, and it is my fabric covered noticeboard. Amongst the things I found stored in my shed were a few unused noticeboards, but if you don’t have one lying around, these are pretty cheap to buy. I also have stashes of fabrics that I have never gotten round to using, this one I had bought with a dress pattern, but still have no idea how to make clothes! So I thought I would make use of it.

You will need:

  • Noticeboard
  • Fabric of your choice (the size of the board)
  • Fabric scissors
  • A screwdriver/ plastic knife/ plastic model making tool or anything else with a flat but blunt edge.
  • Drawing pins
  • Picture hanging kit and hammer


Cut the fabric slightly larger than the size of the noticeboard, including the frame.  If your fabric has a pattern make sure you cut it straight so it won’t look wonky! Iron the fabric to take out any creases. Place the fabric on top of the board, the right way up, and use your flat screwdriver or plastic tool to start pushing the edges of the fabric under the frame. Make sure it is pulled tight.


When you have done this the whole way round, place a drawing pin in each corner to hold it in place. If the fabric seems loose, or the frame isn’t holding it so well, you can create a border the whole way round with your drawing pins.


Et voila! Simple!


Hanging the board is easy as it is fairly light so doesn’t need much to hold it up. I just used a pin from a picture hanging kit, and hammered it lightly into the wall, and then balance the frame of the noticeboard on top in the middle, so that it is hanging straight. If the noticeboard is heavier or won’t hang straight, you can use two pins to hold it up at each corner.


This is my finished board! There’s more on it now, nothing in my life stays this tidy for long!!

I hope you enjoyed this first edition of #MIY Make It Yourself, and enjoy customising your own notice board. If you do make this yourself, let me know by instagramming or blogging and tagging it with #MIY and #josiemakes!

Happy making,

Josie xxx


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For the Love of Mermaids!

So if you didn’t know (and if you didn’t know then you will soon) I love all things mermaid! Just look at this mermaid cross stitch I designed and made if you don’t believe me! So when I recently saw this wonderful mermaid necklace in an instagram post by @listiquesjewellery I couldn’t resist!

Listique's Mermaid Necklace

And I’m so glad I bought it because it is beautiful and I love it!! It even has a lovely little added bead detail.

Check out Listique’s etsy shop for more of her hand made jewellery.

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Where Josie Makes!

I have had a lovely lazy Sunday, I haven’t had just a day at home for so long. Recently I decided to create a work space in the Summerhouse we have in our garden. Before this I had just been trying to do everything from my bed and it’s not a conducive working environment! It was being used as my brothers workshop where he did his airbrush paintings and stuff, but he hadn’t been in there for so long, it was basically being used as storage. One of the things that was stored in there was a big white Ikea desk, so that was where I started! I have one side of the summerhouse, the other side still has all my brothers things and its pretty dark and dingy, polar opposite to my side! The great thing about this is I haven’t bought anything for it, everything you see before you I found in my own house or shed, and just spruced up a bit!


The small square table is a card table, so it is dark wood with a dark green felt top. I just cut a piece of white material from an old bedsheet to cover the top with. The CD player is my dad’s and was also already down there, it’s so old it has a cassette player too!! Both sets of drawers and the wicker chair were things that we had around that weren’t being used.


As the shed was being used for storage too, I found amongst some old pictures a couple of noticeboards and white boards, I put up one of the white boards on the back wall and decided to make the noticeboard a bit more decorative by covering it in fabric. I will do a blog post soon about how I did it, I hope to do a series of blogs called #MIY Make It Yourself, so keep an eye out for those!


My lovely Spearmint green John Lewis sewing machine! (Yes we have lighting and electricity in this ‘shed’!)



For decoration, apart from the boards, I put up my My Sad Cat calendar, and a couple of cross stitches that I had done, I keep them all in frames so I can change them up whenever I feel like it. I also put up the cute pictures above which I got free in the last issue of Mollie Makes!! So all in all a very good, cheap workshop! One perk of still living with your parents, more space than I could afford on my own, and years worth of stuff that nobody will miss if I borrow!!

It’s really nice in there, especially in the nice weather we had today. I put on Britney’s greatest hits and had the doors and windows open, got everything sorted and even got a few pieces of jewellery made. Why does the weekend have to end?!



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Now available on JosieMakes.etsy.com


Thread Bobbin Necklace




Heart and Flower Bunting


Thread Bobbin Charm Bracelet


Wooden Bunting Necklace

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