Josie Makes…. a Jubilee Cushion!

I used an A3 piece of card as a template for this cushion. I started by cutting 2 A3 pieces of blue material, which in this case was flowery material. I then drew out the lines of the Union Jack flag onto the A3 card. By cutting away just the blue of the flag in the four corners I was left with a template for the white.. Cut the white material for the crosses.


I then cut the template further by removing the white part of the flag, and then cutting out the red part for which I used a pink flowery material. I sewed the red onto the white before sewing the whole thing onto one of the pieces of blue. I was continuously ironing the material between all the steps as it would go a bit bunchy as I sewed it.


Then place the two blue pieces together, with the patterned sides facing each other, so that you are sewing the cushion inside out. Sew almost all of the way round the edge leaving enough space to turn the material the right way out and insert cushion stuffing. Then sew up the remaining edge.


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  1. Very pretty indeed. I keep meaning to do one similar. Just need more hours in the day! 😉

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