Josie Makes… a Mermaid Stitch!


I originally did a really small picture of a mermaid as a tattoo idea, but couldn’t think of where to have it. So I made the picture bigger and then turned it into a cross stitch pattern and wrote I’m Really A Mermaid, because I always thought I was when I was a kid! I used a lot of metallic thread, it’s not easy to use!!!




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3 responses to “Josie Makes… a Mermaid Stitch!

  1. I’d really love to learn your technique on creating fun patterns!

    • Hi, just thought I’d reply to your comment here too, for this one I drew that picture of a mermaid out onto paper with smaller squares that the one pictured- I believe it is mathematical graph paper you can get from stationers but I found the squares were a similar size to 14 count aida material for cross stitch, then just colour in full/half squares until you have a cross stitch pattern that looks like your design 🙂

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