Josie Makes… a Berry Torte


For Mothers Day last week I made a Berry Torte! My mum’s favourite fruits are berries and I had just spilled all of her raspberries out of the fridge onto the floor a few days before… so I felt I should.

I started looking online for a recipe but most had cream cheese for the filling, and my mum won’t eat cheese! So it was a bit of an experiment but my mum seemed to like it.

1 packet Dietary Specials Gluten Free Pastry (Freezer- I bought from Tesco)

Creme Fraiche

Lemon Curd

Packet blueberries, packet raspberries

Defrost the pastry first, this can take quite a while so I suggest putting in the fridge the day before. Roll out the pastry into a circle and lay into a pie dish. Cut around the top with a knife to make it neat. Cover with greaseproof paper and fill with baking beans and cook (for as long as it says on the packet!) Allow to cool fully.

Mix together some creme fraiche (just as much as you need!) and a tablespoon of lemon curd, put into the pastry case and then cover with fruit!

The cream filling was quite liquid so the fruit went into it rather than on top, which is I guess why people usually use cream cheese. I think I could have popped it in the fridge for a while before putting the fruit on.

My mum enjoyed it so that’s one good review!



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2 responses to “Josie Makes… a Berry Torte

  1. Amanda

    Looks fabulous!

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