Josie Makes… Cross Stitch Jewellery


I bought some jewellery making pieces over the recent years but never really got very far with it, but recently I thought I would like to use cross stitch and jewellery together, hoping I could find a way to put material into cameo settings, (shaped ‘frames’ for pendants or other jewellery) which are usually filled with cameo’s or gems.

Over the past few weeks I was trying to think of a way to do this as I knew that buttons/earrings are often covered in fabric, and then at the Knitting and Stitching show I realised, you can buy button cover kits! I have managed to find some Flat Back Cover Buttons on eBay, rather than button backs, but it is quite hard to find a variety of sizes, that would fit in standard cameo setting sizes, so any suggested places to buy would be much appreciated.

The other day I found this great tutorial from Make It and Love It on how to make these just using old buttons. Luckily I never throw anything away that might be useful, so I have a tin of spare buttons and found a couple that fit perfectly in the settings I have. I basically used the tutorial so I won’t write it all out again, I will just post the pictures of how I did it, and you can find the tutorial here. To fit in it the setting, I just used good old super glue (not letting it touch my fingers this time).

The part that was my own was the cross stitch design on the front. I just drew out some small designs onto graph paper, and it really was just luck that it turned out the perfect size. I haven’t thought of too many designs yet but this was just a simple one of a cat with some flowers and luckily, although I was doubtful, I think it does actually look like a cat with flowers! I will be working on some more designs and will share them as I do. Once I have made a few of these and have worked out the best way to do it I hope to make an Etsy shop and sell them 🙂 Would be great to know if anyone is interested.




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2 responses to “Josie Makes… Cross Stitch Jewellery

  1. It’s so pretty! Did you use your macro lens for the making photos?

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