Josie Makes… Alice in Wonderland Cross Stitch


My nan gave me a cross stitch book and in there I saw the shape for the girl, the cat, the watch and the rabbit. I had been wanting to make an Alice inspired stitch as I really love the story and have some favourite quotes from it. So I used graph paper to draw out a border to look like vines or branches, added a few leaves. I made the girl look like Alice by making her blonde and making her dress blue and white. I then added the Mad Hatters hat and the Cheshire Cat grin underneath and added some finishing touches, some heart shapes in there for the Queen or Hearts and the flowers that speak to Alice.

I’m happy with how it turned out! I have entered it into Hobbycrafts ‘Make of the Month’┬ácompetition but there’s so many great entries I’m not expecting to win!




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3 responses to “Josie Makes… Alice in Wonderland Cross Stitch

  1. Is there any way you could provide a pattern for this cross stitch? It’s gorgeous and I’d love to stitch it myself only I’m hopeless at copying without the actual pattern (I’m quite new to cross stitching).

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