Josie Makes… Equal Marriage Mini Protest Banner

So as you can see from the previous post I created this equal marriage mini protest banner, inspired by the Craftivist Collective and the wonderful mini protest banners.

Love is Love Mini Protest Banner

I made this banner to show my support for the equal marriage bill which is currently being debated in the UK and similar ones around the world. I believe and hope that this equal marriage bill will go through, but that people need to keep showing their support and making their voices heard. Often it seems that things like equality will just happen, as they have in the past, but as one of my university lectures once told us, there’s no reason that the world will just keep moving forward, our rights could just as easily be taken away. I have recently been reading about the suffragettes and how much time and effort it took to get the vote for women, something many of us take for granted these days. I have even heard women saying that they wish they didn’t have to vote, and they would rather be a housewife and look after the kids than feel they have to work. This is a valid life choice for any person, but not for everyone, and of course the vote for women improved the world in more ways than just allowing women to vote at election time. As a straight person, I have the choice to get married, and even if I don’t feel I particularly want to, the choice is there, I have a right to do it and I believe everyone should have that same right. It’s about love, it’s not harming anyone!

On Friday I went to London with my friend Joey and decided to put my banner up near to Westminster. Not quite the fierce activist yet I was a bit nervous and kept making Joey check for police! But I’m pleased with it and put it up on the railings of the exit to Westminster Tube just at the end of the bridge so I hope people will see it. I think I timed it well with yesterday being the Pride Parade in London and the Pride Festival.

Josie with the mini protest banner in front of Westminster Josie with the mini protest banner with the London Eye in the backgroundThanks to Joey for the photos!


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