Josie Makes… A5 Graph Paper Notebook


To design cross stitch patterns I use graph paper such as in the photo above. The only form I have found this in is A4 refill pads, and I have been searching for a smaller notebook with this paper with no luck. So I decided to create my own.

Click ‘Continue Reading’ for instructions on how to make it.

I printed some graph paper double sided but I think it would work as well to use paper from a refill pad, you would then have plain one side for writing or sketching and squares for pattern ideas. I bought a piece of A4 decorative paper in hobbycraft to use as the cover.

Fold all the paper in half and put a paper clip onto one side to hold it in place. To stitch the binding mark a few places along the fold for stitching. These should be evenly spaced (nice and easy to do on graph paper!) Try to make around 8-10 holes. To make the holes I used a thick needle with a large eye, and I stitched with this too. Place something soft under the paper so the needle can go through, I used a sock, you could also use something like Blutack. Punch holes in all of the markings you have made through the paper and the cover using the needle. Using the same needle you will stitch with means that the holes won’t be too big allowing the thread to move around.

Take a piece of embroidery floss, about 3 times the length of the book and thread your needle. Starting at the bottom hole, going in from the middle of the book, not the cover side, stitch in leaving a short tail (long enough to tie into a knot later).


Stitch into the next hole up, turn the book around and to the same again, and again. This will leave a space between stitches as in the picture below.


When you get to the end start again from this end back towards the start, stitching into the spaces which have been left. Keep pulling the thread fairly tight all the time, but not too hard, to keep the binding strong.


When you get to the last stitch, above the tail, cut the thread leaving another fairly long tail. Tie these two tails together, pulling the knot to the bottom of the page and pulling fairly tight. Cut off the excess and push the knot down with a ruler or similar to flatten it.


Fold the book and flatten again with a ruler along the spine.

On my book to distinguish the front of the book I placed some tape along the cover next to the spine. The tape I used was ‘glass tape’ by 601street which I bought in TKMaxx.


I hope you like! Now I can carry this round with me to design any cross stitch patterns on the go!


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