Josie Makes… Blackwork B

I had been wanting to try Blackwork for a while, so decided to turn it into a gift for my friend Bethany for Christmas.


I really enjoyed making this, it is along the same lines as cross stitch, but just with backstitch, the repetitive pattern meant that once I had started on the pattern filling I didn’t have to look back at my design again and again, I was stitching this on the train, on my lunch break at work and even at the pub quiz! I used an evenweave fabric, a cream colour with glints of metallic gold!



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4 responses to “Josie Makes… Blackwork B

  1. Such a beautiful design – I had to look at it twice! Just gorgeous!!! 🙂

  2. Oh, wow. That’s beautiful Very interesting. Easy to learn how to do?

    • Thank you! I think so, especially if you have some experience in cross stitch and back stitch. You use an evenweave or aida fabric, with the squares, and just backstitch straight lines into a pattern using the holes in the fabric! For pattern ideas I just looked up Blackwork on pinterest, and drew out a design on graph paper.
      Josie xxx

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