Where Josie Makes!

I have had a lovely lazy Sunday, I haven’t had just a day at home for so long. Recently I decided to create a work space in the Summerhouse we have in our garden. Before this I had just been trying to do everything from my bed and it’s not a conducive working environment! It was being used as my brothers workshop where he did his airbrush paintings and stuff, but he hadn’t been in there for so long, it was basically being used as storage. One of the things that was stored in there was a big white Ikea desk, so that was where I started! I have one side of the summerhouse, the other side still has all my brothers things and its pretty dark and dingy, polar opposite to my side! The great thing about this is I haven’t bought anything for it, everything you see before you I found in my own house or shed, and just spruced up a bit!


The small square table is a card table, so it is dark wood with a dark green felt top. I just cut a piece of white material from an old bedsheet to cover the top with. The CD player is my dad’s and was also already down there, it’s so old it has a cassette player too!! Both sets of drawers and the wicker chair were things that we had around that weren’t being used.


As the shed was being used for storage too, I found amongst some old pictures a couple of noticeboards and white boards, I put up one of the white boards on the back wall and decided to make the noticeboard a bit more decorative by covering it in fabric. I will do a blog post soon about how I did it, I hope to do a series of blogs called #MIY Make It Yourself, so keep an eye out for those!


My lovely Spearmint green John Lewis sewing machine! (Yes we have lighting and electricity in this ‘shed’!)



For decoration, apart from the boards, I put up my My Sad Cat calendar, and a couple of cross stitches that I had done, I keep them all in frames so I can change them up whenever I feel like it. I also put up the cute pictures above which I got free in the last issue of Mollie Makes!! So all in all a very good, cheap workshop! One perk of still living with your parents, more space than I could afford on my own, and years worth of stuff that nobody will miss if I borrow!!

It’s really nice in there, especially in the nice weather we had today. I put on Britney’s greatest hits and had the doors and windows open, got everything sorted and even got a few pieces of jewellery made. Why does the weekend have to end?!



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3 responses to “Where Josie Makes!

  1. I’m so jealous of this beautiful light space! It looks wonderful! I will have to do something like this one day 🙂

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