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Spearmint Sewing Machine

So I finally treated myself to this John Lewis sewing machine I’ve had my eye on for a while. I was trying to make my cat a neck tie (!) with my old machine and I just couldn’t make it work so the next day I went out and bought this! It was only £99 and I had £30 voucher that I hadn’t yet used from Christmas. It’s really great, I’m sewing again!!


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Josie Likes… Cath Kidston’s ‘Coming Up Roses’


This book grabbed me while I was looking round a Cath Kidston Store. It is a beautiful hard back book, in true Cath Kidston style and not just on the outside, the inside is absolutely filled with photos and illustrations. The book itself is quite short and doesn’t take long to read, but I found it really interesting to read about how Cath started out and how she became so successful, especially as I hope to one day do craft full time myself. It reminds you of how hard it is but that if you have a good enough and unique enough idea it is possible. Overall, a good and easy read about the story behind one of the biggest brands in the craft world.

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Josie Likes… Feminist Necklace



I bought this ‘Feminist’ necklace by Kate Rowland from her etsy shop, and I love it!

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