My new Kindle Paperwhite

I LOVE reading, and I love books, nothing can beat them! However, I am also a big fan on my kindle, it’s so small and light and great for me when I read on the train. Last week I bought 3 new books to read on Amazon, unfortunately the next day I got my kindle out, and saw this…


When I got home I put it on charge for a few hours, but no change 😦 Very sad, but I have had it for a few years and had been thinking of upgrading, but I am quite frugal with money! This time however, I had an excuse. Please meet my lovely new Kindle Paperwhite!

IMG_8191.JPG IMG_8192.JPG


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Baku Forest Goldfish Bowl Necklace

This necklace has been on my wish list for a couple of months, so this pay day I finally treated myself!

Fish Bowl necklace by Baku Forest Studios

IMG_8196.JPG IMG_8193.JPG

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Today’s a Great Day!

For two years now I have had this Today’s a Great Day, page a day calendar. It has nice motivational and inspirational quotes in it to keep you smiling. I love this weekends, BIG Ben Howard fan and so excited about going to see him in April.


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My good friend Emma is getting married in 6 WEEKS!! I can’t believe it, so exciting! Last weekend we went to Choccywoccydoodah in London for an all you can eat chocolate buffet!!! There was cake, ice cream, sweets, chocolate, milkshakes, hot chocolate and soft drinks! We could NOT eat it all, but luckily they give you boxes to take stuff home with you do you don’t have to leave it.

The room was beautiful, it was a private event room, covered in fake grass, with a rope swing seat, statues, a flamingo and a sheep (not real!) lovely lampshades and garden items! It was a bit like being in Alice in Wonderland in the Red Queens gardens.

Here’s some pictures that will make you want to go there NOW.

IMG_8154 IMG_8163 IMG_8165 IMG_8172


IMG_8180 IMG_8182

Gluten free lemon and almond cake with ice cream! It took me 3 days to eat!


Beautiful people!

I’ve bought my dress for the wedding, but after all this chocolate it’s a little tight so I’m going to have to try and lose a bit of weight before then! Very excited.

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Alice in Post Wonderland!!

I am a big lover of all things fairytale and fantasy, one of my favourite stories is Alice in Wonderland. I love all of the imagery and imagination! I even am hoping to have a (subtle) theme of Alice in Wonderland in my new house, including plans for a Mad Hatters Cocktail Party housewarming 😀

Look at what my lovely friend Joey sent me.




She’s amazing, she loves paper and pens and stamps and sending letters! Check out her blog if you love those things too~ So Joey.

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Josie Makes’ Work Space

I sometimes find it hard to focus (OK all the time!) but especially when I have too many distractions. I usually work off of my laptop in my room while sitting on my bed, watching TV or trying to crochet a blanket. So I’ve set up an office in my loft, my brother provided the computer monitor, keyboard and mouse, and the desk and chair were already mine but not in use since I came back from university (not by me anyway). My brother had been using this room as a ‘games room’ as in he has 3 computers in a row and his friends would come round and they would sit next to each other playing computer games! He and his girlfriend have just bought their first house, and they’re moving from London up to Warwickshire.

Loft office

The room was done when I was a teenager and we had our loft extension. I was allowed to decorate it how I wanted as long as I decorated it. OK, so I had some help with the horrible bits, the sanding etc, but I chose the yellow and I painted it all. I have been brought up in a world of D.I.Y and cannot wait to have my own house, I already have a collection of things, but no place in sight just yet! Believe me when I do you’ll hear about it.

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