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Josie Makes… a home!

I finally got the keys for my new flat in October 2015, after first seeing it in the February. With a lot of help from my parents, and a lot of DIY, I moved in in mid-November 2015!

At the start of December, I put up my Christmas decorations. Today, I took them down and the place looks very bare! Most of the time I have lived here there has been a Christmas tree, and it sort of felt like it belonged. I’m going to have to get to work putting some things on the walls.

I intend to do blog posts for each room to show how it looked when I moved in, through decorating and now, finished. First up will be the bedroom, once my new wall print arrives!

Until then, here are a few ‘before and afters’ of each room…

Bathroom photo

The bathroom doesn’t yet have a before and after, this is just what it looks like!

Bed before

Bedroom before…

Bed after


Wardrobe before

Bedroom wardrobe before…

Wardrobe after


craft before

Craft room (spare room) before…

craft after.JPG


living room before

Living room before…

living room after


Dining before

Other side of the living room before…

dining after


Kitchen Before

Kitchen before…

Kitchen after


Fridge before

Kitchen cupboard (where the fridge did not fit) before…

Fridge after


hall before

Hallway and front door before…

hall after





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Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas time! I still have a week off of work and I’m very excited to have so much time, I have lots of plans including learning to draw clothes, making a dress, creating a healthy eating plan, reading Jane Eyre, learning guitar… lets see how much of it I manage!

Here’s a few highlights from my Christmas.

This year I decided against getting out my old battered white Christmas tree and instead went for something a bit different. I had bought this white tree from Hobbycraft a few months ago and just decided to decorate this instead. I want to decorate it differently for each season of the year.

Tree1 Tree2

My red and green glittery Christmas nails!


My presents 🙂


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I Got 99 Problems But A Stitch Ain’t One


Available in my etsy shop Josie Makes

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